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Asked by Bonson Lam · 4 Answers · 3 months ago

I have a family from Australia ( 4 adults) wanting 1 week's accommodation, for under $3K in Hakuba in mid Jan 2023.   Any recommendations? 


Asked by Stanford Pines · 5 Answers · 3 months ago
I'm having a debate with my roommate and the following questions will let us know who is right. (Two of them are out of pure curiosity.) 1. How long does it take for someone until she or he decides [...]

Asked by scott adair · 5 Answers · 6 months ago
US tourist traveling to see fiancee (military) for 90 days. The requirement about $$. I have a job that may or may not be waiting for me. I will have money for travel only.As I will be staying at his [...]

Asked by Morten Pehrsson · 2 Answers · 6 months ago
I would like to travel fast with the Shinkansen and during my trip, I have two options: - Sanyo: Osaka-Himeji, already planned trip - Tokyo: Possible northbound day-trip The rest of [...]

Asked by Shiroi Tenshi · 2 Answers · 7 months ago

I'd like to ask how to get to Akiu Onsen from Sendai by bus. What number of bus, and maybe the link to its timetable. Is it possible to return from Akiu Onsen in the evening? 


Asked by Igor Zemtchenko · 5 Answers · 8 months ago

Anyone can help with information about 5-6 hour hikes in Echigo Yuzawa area?  Not strenuous mountain climbing but easy medium and long enough (:


Asked by Morten Pehrsson · 7 Answers · 8 months ago
Can you recommend a skilled tattoo artist in Japan that alow you to buy a tattoo design only (and not the tattoo itself)?I would very much like to have a tattoo done during my 3 we [...]

Asked by Laetitia Ceccaldi · 3 Answers · 8 months ago
Hello, I visited Japan twice some years back and I brought back home 3 ceramic dolls-bells purchased in Shinto shrine. Today, one ceramic doll-bell is missing and I would like to buy it from [...]

Asked by Amanda Ho · 2 Answers · 9 months ago

Anyone knows where I can pick grapes in Aichi with access to public transport?

Most of the places I found are all out of the way


Asked by Lane Lombardia · 3 Answers · 10 months ago

Has the Ninja Café Kunoichi closed or just moved to a new location? If it's moved, may I please ask where?

There are currently no questions.