Kamakura Camera - Sasuke Inari 9

Kamakura Camera - Sasuke Inari

An atmospheric temple dedicated to the fox, messenger of the gods, Sasuke Inari Jinja is nestled in the hills of the Hidden Valley...

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Kamakura Camera  -  Meigetsu-in 8

Kamakura Camera - Meigetsu-in

Nestled in the hills of Kita Kamakura, there's much to see and enjoy at Meigetsu-in: a sand garden, the moon window, caves,..

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Kamakura Camera  -  Joichiji Temple 10

Kamakura Camera - Joichiji Temple

Tucked away in the hills of Kita Kamakura lies Joichiji, the Temple of Pure Wisdom. Three buddhas of past, present, and future preside..

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Kamakura Camera  -  Tokeiji 9

Kamakura Camera - Tokeiji

Unique among Kamakura’s temples and shrines, Tokeiji was established as a refuge for battered women who wished to escape from ..

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Introducing Noh & Kyogen

Introducing Noh & Kyogen

Tuesday - Jun 14th

On May 14th, the National Noh Theatre will host dissemination performances of the kyogen play, Fuji Matsu and the noh play, Kosode..

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Green Destinations in Japan

Green Destinations in Japan


With forests covering 67% of Japan's overall land mass, you could say that the country's representative color is green...